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Settle down boys and girls. I’d like to tell you a story…


Okay children. Get ready for your bedtime story.


We became Millionaires and retired when Sarah was only 39 years old. This was way ahead of all of our friends, who still continue to work, as they need their job to survive.

We weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths. We didn’t go to private school.

We didn’t inherit the money.

We built it ourselves.

We have about £2 million of investment property. We didn’t inherit the money to start this. We began with very little cash and grew it ourselves, out of nothing. So if you have no money like we did, then you can do it too.

We could have retired in our twenties, if we had learned the key lessons in this book. The big secret to becoming a Millionaire is not about being a high- earner.

The secret is being able to hold onto more wealth — something that even someone on a low income could do, as you’ll see later.

We live in a 4-bedroom detached house with our two children 9 and 10, and our cat. The area is a lovely historic town, with plenty of countryside surrounding it. We are only a ten-minute walk to the shops, and one- minute walk to a forest.
Stealth Millionaires are the millionaires next door. At first glance, they appear to lead regular lives. But they have the financial stability to do whatever they want, whenever they want. They have the freedom to choose.

To most people, we appear to be a “normal” upper- middle-class family. However, most of our neighbours are 10-20 years older than us, as the gap between wages and home ownership gets wider every year.

We live close enough to walk our children to and from school. We do our household chores whilst they’re there, so we can spend more time with them when they’re back.

What makes us different is the freedom we have. How we can choose how we spend our time.

I bet you’re wondering…what do our days look like?

We’re up at 5am, before our children rise. This gives Sarah and me some time on our own. At 6am we workout in our home gym — and by the time we finish at 7am, our children are awake. We hang around with them, and then walk them to school.
If we’re having an “at home” day, then we do a few business-related tasks in our home office. We check our bank accounts and revenue. We take care of any household tasks — chores you save up for the weekend…we do during the week.

After that, we typically spend the afternoon in the garden, reading a book, or listening to podcasts.
On the other hand, Sarah and I often have a day out while our children are at school. We like to spend a relaxing day at a spa, having a massage…or a vineyard tour, visiting a theme park.
We both love movies. So, one great benefits of going to the movies during the day is that you get a private cinema. We’re the only ones there! We can sit exactly where we want.

I once posted on Facebook that I was on a brewery tour, and currently tasting a selection of beers. My friend Emma texted me back to ask whether I was having a Christmas party (as she was booked into one on the same day). I replied that it was “just a normal weekday for us — nothing unusual!” And before you ask…our children’s grandmother would be picking up our kids from school.

We usually don’t tell our children what we’ve been up to — so they just assume we’ve been sitting at home all day.
One day I heard my daughter screaming “Nooooo” when she discovered a video of us at a theme park without her! Note to self — remember not to post it to Facebook in future…

We don’t have any need for power-dressing suits, so you will always see us walking around in gym clothes, or jeans and a t-shirt. You wouldn’t suspect that we are Millionaires.

When we go to the hairdressers, or are shopping during the day, people automatically assume we have the day off from work or are working from home. If they ask us what we do for a living, they are always surprised when we tell them that every day is a holiday, as we don’t need to work anymore.

Only the wealthy seem to realise that time is more valuable than money. You can’t make more.
That’s the true meaning of Financial Freedom. Money is just a tool to make that happen. To be able to do what you want…whenever you want.

Being Financially Free has been a cause of embarrassment for our 10-year-old daughter. One day she told us that the whole class had been asked to say what their parents did for a living.

My daughter felt too ashamed to tell them that we didn’t work. In fact, she wanted us to go and get a job! No thanks! One day she will understand.

Let’s make one thing clear. We weren’t born Millionaires.

I had a period when I was in bad debt and it kept increasing every month. Sarah and I have had times when we could barely afford to eat.

I’m a reformed shopaholic who had poor money- management skills. If I can change, so can you.

We’ve worked in a number of different occupations over the years, and many of them sucked!

Our jobs have included factory worker, cleaner, child- minder, hospital porter, lab technician, real estate agent, personal trainer, nutritionist, graphic designer, business manager and marketing director.

During our journey, we spent a lot of time researching self-made Millionaires and Financial Freedom.
A survey by Fidelity Investments found that 86% of millionaires are self-made, it wasn’t handed to them. So, there’s hope for all of us.

Throughout this, we developed a number of habits over the years that have been key to our achievement. These are HABITS that ANYONE can easily do, to change their future.

Over the course of this book you will get to know the habits of some of our Millionaire and Multi-Millionaire friends.
It was interesting that all our Millionaires thought they were unique with their habits.

They may be out of the ordinary, but it turns out the Millionaires all had very similar routines. And those habits can be learned.
All of our Millionaire friends invest in property. Sure, you could say that because we invest in property, our friends will be biased towards property too.

However, this isn’t by chance. According to Graham Scambler, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, UCL, of 1,000 people on The Sunday Times Rich List, the top two most common sources of wealth were:
1. Property
2. Finance and Investments

I also watched my father profit from the stock market, which led to his early retirement. So, we consider the top two ways to get wealthy over the long-term are by investing in property, or the stock market, or both.

We will teach you the 7 habits of the Stealth Millionaires over the course of this book. These are so simple that anyone could do them.

MILLION chart from Stealth Millionaire

It is within your grasp to create a life where you don’t need to worry about money anymore, so you can live your dreams and spend time with the people you love.

Get your mind ready to accept massive amounts of
money. Believe.

Get ready to live happily ever after.

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Best wishes, Sarah Choy & George Choy
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Christmas Gift Ideas
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Christmas Gift Ideas
Settle down boys and girls. I'd like to tell you a story…
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