Commercial Conversion Q&A with Andrew Bartlett

I interviewed developer Andrew Bartlett in a live Q&A on his commercial conversion projects, including the Whitby Engine Shed  and a pub conversion in Cornwall. We discussed issues with planning permission and financing projects. There were some really interesting questions from the fans. Timestamps follow below.

I interview Commercial Conversion expert Andrew Bartlett on:

  • [1:22] Can you still do building work during the Coronavirus lockdown?
  • [3:37] Whitby Engine Shed, conversion into 11 Serviced Accommodation apartments. Click here to see the financials, photos, and videos of the development as it progressed.
  • The FAST model for development:
    • Find
    • Assess
    • Secure
    • Take Action
  • [17:00] Andrew’s latest pub conversion
  • Live Q&A
    • [22:14] Offer accepted on shop and upper. Should I proceed or renegotiate, given the lockdown and uncertainty? — Lee Haury
    • [25:40] What is the longest time you’ve experienced for Planning Application approvals? — Peter Speight
    • [28:29] What is the average cost to convert commercial uppers into flats? — Nick Rowland
    • [32:45] Is it difficult to get a mortgage on a vacant commercial property? — Mei Wong
    • [34:53] Can anything be done to prevent erosion of cash held in a SSAS pension? — Lee Haury
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Click here for the mortgage broker that Andrew and I use

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