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Diary of a Property Investor

| Week 25 | My Perfect Day

George Choy & Sarah Choy | 26 July 2019

I celebrated my 48th Birthday this week and had the perfect day. It was really lovely to receive so many birthday wishes on Facebook—a big thank you to everyone 🙏

Lunch was half of a chocolate cheesecake for me (not my usual healthy fare), with the remainder shared with my children. It’s become a bit of a tradition on birthdays.

We all went roller skating…I really enjoyed skating as a teenager…forwards…backwards…sideways, and even used to jump people…I haven’t had any volunteers lately 😀

Sarah booked me into a spa for a massage and we spent some time reading and drinking tea at an inspirational hotel and gardens, then we went out for a lovely Indian meal. It was a simple day, but perfect.

We have been on holiday this week, so haven’t done much in the property world. (Although Sarah always spends time on rightmove looking at the local properties out of curiosity!) We normally have an hour or two of quiet time before our children wake, so I’ve been dictating and typing our property book. I’ve set myself the challenge to publish it by the end of August at the latest. Better get on with it!

Wishing you all happy holidays.

Stay safe, George & Sarah Choy
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