How to live a Laptop Lifestyle

In this weeks video, we tell you how we live a laptop lifestyle anywhere in the world, managing our £1.7 million property portfolio. It’s our kids summer holidays at the moment, so we’ve spent three of the five weeks on holiday.

We systemised our lives some time ago so that we can work anywhere, should we need to—these systems also save us time and avoid duplication. They give us back time so we can choose how we spend our days.
Click here for useful links mentioned in the video.

Useful links we mentioned in this episode:

The 6 Phase Guided Meditation
by Vishen Lakhiani

These are the books mentioned in the video:

How to Be Human: The Manual
By Ruby Wax

Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement
By Tony Robbins

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
by Stephen R. Covey

What tools do you find useful when you’re working from home or on holiday? Leave a Comment below.

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Best wishes, Sarah Choy & George Choy
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George Choy & Sarah Choy | 23 August 2019

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