How to Fill Your SA Properties & Serve the Community — Tsen Wharton

I interviewed Tsen Wharton about how to fill your Serviced Accommodation properties with direct bookings from the local council.
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  • Relying on tourism for Serviced Accommodation leads to a feast in the summer and famine in the winter.
  • Contractor guests can provide more stability.
  • Working with the council’s emergency accommodation department can provide direct bookings of 3-12 months for homeless people. They have much greater demand than supply of properties.
  • It may take multiple meetings to get the council on board.
  • Be clear on which types of council guests you are willing to accept.
  • Tsen has found that 2 bedroom properties work best for the council.
  • Make sure you still do weekly cleaning, so you can monitor the property and guests.
  • Tsen has a Serviced Accommodation property available for an investor which provided a 13% return on cash last year.

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Do you think this strategy sounds interesting? How have your SA bookings been during the COVID-19 lockdown? Let me know in the comments below.

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By George Choy & Sarah Choy | 12 June 2020

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How to Fill Your Serviced Accommodation Properties & Serve the Community
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How to Fill Your Serviced Accommodation Properties & Serve the Community
Many SA operators only focus on tourism or contractors. I interviewed Tsen Wharton about a different way to fill your properties with direct bookings, fast.
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