Financial Freedom in One Step

Here is one way to get to Financial Freedom in One Step. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to achieve financial freedom quickly, then this simple step will help you to get to financial independence and then financially free.

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Financial Freedom in one step – Escape to the country

So here we are in the country.

Welcome to the Sarah and George Choy Property Podcast. The show that helps you to become financially free so you can spend more time with your family, traveling and pursuing your passions.

So how do you do this hmm?

Geographic arbitrage

Let me explain what this is. So it’s basically where prices of goods might be different in different countries, that’s normally what it is. But you can certainly do this within areas.

So for example a house in the north costs a lot less than a house in the south. For example you could get someone let’s say with a house in London, a huge amount of equity in it. Sell it, buy another stonking big house in the north, much bigger than the house they own now, and with all that capital then invest it wisely, in property of course.

Knowing the correct property strategies and how to do it and the right kind of returns you want to be aiming for. So invest that wisely and then that could be it – financially free. Never need to work again so for some people it’s a really easy move to make.

They just don’t realise that you could do that and just carry on on the treadmill, carry on doing that corporate role forever.

I do know one person that did make that move. They moved from Surrey, all the way out to Grantham with a huge huge difference in house prices, huge. So that’s something that they did but let’s tell them about us.

We did something similar. We used to live in Surrey in Oxted. Commuter town, nice town, not massive but a good town, decent schools, very beautiful but everybody used to catch a train, because that’s what you did. Working in London and we did that too.

We decided that we didn’t necessarily need to live there anymore and one of the main drivers with us moving actually was to move closer to my family. Because it was a bit of a pain driving back and forth over to Kent.

So we thought okay, well why are we living here? Let’s move over to where they are. So we sold our house we made £685 thousand pounds and we ended up with a pot of cash, because we’d had it for a while and we’d renovated it and we’ve added some value to it at the time so we had a fairly decent lump of cash when we had sold it.

And we thought okay let’s move to Tenterden, which is in Kent. It’s about an hour away so it’s not like, silly distances, right down the road from my mum and my sister so fantastic on that front for babysitting, thank you very much.

Buying an equivalent kind of house – so the one we had in Oxted was four bedrooms, it was detached it was very, beautiful in the middle of town like about a five, ten minute walk into town.

So the equivalent house kind of house in the Tenterden area you’re looking about 500K at the time. So almost a £200 000 difference, if you just did a like for like swap.

That’s nothing to talk about buying a smaller house or moving anywhere cheaper. We wanted to live in Tenterden because it’s very beautiful, and is very similar to our old town. Decent schools, enough shops, I can walk to Tesco’s. So it’s about ten minute walk to school, ten minutes, well maybe 15 minutes to Tesco’s.

Yeah, one minute walk to the forest, one minute exactly, I timed it and we’ve got outside space.

We’re in the town so we don’t have an enormous garden but certainly enough and it has been awesome during lockdown. We’ve been out in the garden, we had been out in the garden a lot.

So we did that and that was only a little move. We chose the place specifically because that’s where my family was. Had we not had that kind of geographic link, we weren’t quite so fussy about where we wanted to live we certainly would have looked at moving somewhere significantly cheaper wouldn’t we.

Releasing even more equity than we had done.

The other thing is you can you can take it even one step further with geographical arbitrage.

You know if you if you have an entire property portfolio, giving you income every month because you don’t need to work. Or if you had a virtual business where you didn’t need to do it be anywhere specific, you could live somewhere in Asia or in Latin America very very cheaply, a five-star lifestyle for a fraction of what it costs you to live in the UK.

So that’s going even further, maybe later.

So it’s something that’s worth considering. It’s a wacky idea to a lot of people. They think “oh I’ve been in my house and my hometown for years and years and years do you really need to be there? Can you move somewhere cheaper? Could you move somewhere nearer family? Could you move somewhere in the country?

A lot of people are talking about moving to the country at the moment because people just don’t need to be in cities anymore. They don’t want to be in cities anymore, so moving somewhere that you can get into town if you want to, great, but you’ve got a bit of countryside around you is so lovely and we recommend it highly.

This is something we talk about in our Stealth Millionaire Programme, how can you take your life as it already is and suddenly just become financially free.

Just by thinking out of the box.

We’re very good at this out of box thinking.

A box? There is no box. No, break free of the box!

So have you ever thought about doing it?

Is it something you consider? Put it in the comments below.

We always answer comments and questions.

We’d really like to see – is it something you thought about? Is it something you’ve done? Tell us if you’ve done it as well.

If you want to know a bit more about our story, we’ve written about our story in the Retire Now, your blueprint to financial freedom book.

We’ve also got a sample, so you can actually read our story in the sample. So I’ll put a link the description below you can download that sample and that covers a reasonable amount of our story. We’re not gonna give it all away, a little bit, a little teaser.

Okay so we will see you next week, see ya, bye.

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Best wishes, Sarah Choy & George Choy
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Financial Freedom in One Step
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Financial Freedom in One Step
Here is one way to get to Financial Freedom in One Step. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to achieve financial freedom quickly, then this simple step will help you to get to financial independence and then financially free.
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