How to Self-Build a House in the UK — Mike Cruickshank

  • I interviewed self-build expert Mike Cruickshank on everything Self-Build. Mike has a wealth of experience:
  • Worked for over 45 years in the Construction & Architectural sector, helping literally thousands of people to build their own homes
  • He self-built two homes for his family
  • Has been involved with various TV programmes including My Flatpack Home and DIY SOS
  • Is on Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine’s “Ask The Expert” panel
  • He runs “The Path to Self-Build Success” online course

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  • Aaron Hampton [22:09] — How to select a good plot for self-build? Is planning permission with the plot worth it, or not? How to get permission for my own project?
  • Sarah Choy [28:34] — What is the current market like for lending on a build? What kind of finance can I get and what deposit do I need?
  • Ray Brock [30:01] —  Is there any way to fund the initial plot purchase up to damp proof course — which is when I believe the first stage payment is released, which I hope would cover the plot cost as well?
  • Niran [30:01] — It’s my dream also to build next to lake. Do you have to purchase the land with your own cash and then apply for loan to start building? Or do I need to purchase the land and start building up to a certain point before obtaining finance?
  • Imran [32:28] — If there are brand new 4-bed houses being sold at £180-220K, what percentage of the selling price would have been required to build it?

What advice would you give to someone considering self-build for the first time? [35:51]

One example of the worst thing that could happen on a self-build, if you don’t have the knowledge. [38:13]


“Every day is a school day”


Did you enjoy this interview? Leave a comment below.

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