Life in Lockdown
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You can live your dream life in lockdown. We talk about values and what we do to meet those values in the coronavirus lockdown.

Life In Lockdown

We’re all having to adjust our lives due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

You can still do the things that interest you the most…you just need to get a bit creative! We also cover how to avoid boredom if that is an issue for you.

Our Top Personal Values

The things we spend the most time, money and energy on are:

  • Financial Freedom (both maintaining ours, and helping other people)
  • Family and Relationships
  • Personal Development

In addition, one of the tricky ones for most people at the moment is holidays abroad.


How to Identify Your True Values

Try out Dr John Demartini’s free Value Determination Test to fine out what is truely important in your life. You may be suprised at what they are.How are you coping right now? We’d love to know your thoughts. Leave a Comment below.

Live your Dreams,
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