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The commercial conversion we were involved in: Whitby Engine shed

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– Hi, I’m George Choy.

– And I’m Sarah Choy, and welcome to Diary of a Property Investor.

– So kids at school. Tick.

– Hm mm. Last day though.

– Last day, yeah. Half-term’s coming up.

– Yeah, yeah. We’re making the most of it today.

– Yeah, so you know we don’t need to work. So we are out of the house. We are at a quite a nice spa in the country, not far from where we live.

– Yep.

– And we’re spending the day here. We’re going to do a little bit of reading. And one of the things we wanted to do was to work on our Dream Board. So, we have a Dream Board which we’ve talked about on another video. You can search for that if you want to know more about that.

– Yeah, We update it frequently, and we thought we’d have a look at it today, over a nice cup of tea.

– Yeah, nice coffee. I’m going to have coffee.

– You’re going to have coffee? All right, it’s the morning, I guess it’s all right.

– So yeah, we thought we’d have a look at our Dream Board. We do look at it regularly but we want to have a look at it in a bit more detail. Because the Dream Board is our life. It’s what we want to do with our life. It has some of our goals in it. But it has things like, until we die, basically.

– Yeah, it’s also a working business plan for us as well. We did have kind of a long drawn out business plan which, as I say, it’s great to, I think, get it down initially. But we just never really looked at it. So by making a Dream Board that’s kind of got our business on as well as our personal life and our goals and aspirations, we kind of check everything against each other just to make sure that what we’re doing is what we want to be doing. So we’ll have a look at that as well today.

– Yeah, so. We’ll see you inside.

– Yeah

– It was really interesting watching all the Millionaire Makers in the finale, talk about their journey over the last year. So we thought we’d give you our update too. So this is what we’ve done, since we’ve started.

– Yes, yes. So before we started, we were already financially free. So we were already retired. And just coming into the programme, we had finished doing a loft of conversion on our private primary residence. It was a beautiful house. A house that we felt was going to be our forever home. It was a converted barn, 165 years old, with oak beams in the ceilings, oak floors, oak doors. Loads and loads of character. Beautiful, beautiful place. And we thought we’d be living there forever. And one of the things we did to it, and always planned to do when we purchased it was convert the loft. So we converted the loft, and put in two additional bedrooms.

– Because it was only two bedrooms initially. Which was fine for us and the cat, but not for us, and the cat, and the kids.

– So it was two bedrooms, single story barn, in a fantastic location, really prime location. And then we put in two more bedrooms in the loft. So we sold that and made 309 thousand pound profit, which we were very happy with. And that was kind of how we started our journey, coming into the Millionaire Maker and working with Touchstone. So, yes, did that, so then what happened?

– Well we signed up for the Platinum and Commercial Portfolio Builder course, and we did the SA course, and that was great fun. That was in June.

– And then we bought a commercial property that was 320 thousand pounds, and that pays 32 thousand pound a year. So that was a great win.

– So we also, we have seven buy-to-lets and over the year we converted one of the buy-to-lets into Serviced Accommodation. So that’s trucking along quite happily. So one of the things we did at the beginning of the Millionaire Makers. We decided we wanted to take everybody along on our journey with us. So we started this blog, which has been great financially, and we’re carrying on with it afterwards.

– Yeah, so that shows you the ups and downs of our property journey.

– And we’ve been quite deliberate to show you the downsides as well, because it’s great and rosy some of the time. And obviously things don’t always work out 100 percent. And it’s good to show that as well. So if you have something that goes not completely according to plan, you know, you’re not alone. It happens to the best of us.

– It’s not just an Instagram perfect life.

– No, no. Okay. So then we did a JV, didn’t we?

– Oh, yes, we did a JV to convert a disused engine shed in eleven apartments. And that has a GDV of 2.7 million pounds. And then after that we got, we spent a couple of months getting most of the way through purchasing a hotel and that was worth over one and a half million pounds. It didn’t quite work out, but,

– No. We’ve learnt a lot.

– We’ve learned a lot. There are no failures, there are only outcomes. Every time you do something that doesn’t work out. Just think, okay, what did I learn from that? What can I take with that to another deal?

– Yeah. So if you do it again, you know a lot more or you may get to the end of it and decide that that’s not something you want to do after all anyway. So it’s a learning.

– Everything’s a learning, yeah,

– Either way.

– Yeah, what else? So we’ve been quick, update on the SSAS and SIPP. So we’re setting up SSAS and I’ll let you know once that’s transferred over.

– Fairly time consuming that.

– Talk a bit more about that.

– And lastly we wanted to talk a little about our “Why”. Obviously, when we got to the end of Platinum. We decided that the next best thing for us to do would be to try and pass that knowledge back to other people. So, as I say, we signed up for mentors and we started doing that. We’re finding that really,

– really enjoying that

– really enjoying.

– Giving back, it’s good.

– Yes, yes, and you had a fantastic day. And that’s something we’re going to be doing going forward as well. Plus, obviously, George is teaching and supporting on some of the training courses as well. And he’s been really enjoying that too. So he’s learning all the time. And obviously, he can help other people more often than the mentoring. So that’s great too. And the last thing that we’ve been doing this year is, of course, the book.

– So we wrote the book, RETIRE NOW! Your Blueprint to Financial Freedom through Property. And that’s been our baby, giving it birth to the world.

– Yeah. The last few months has been very book driven, hasn’t it?

– So we poured our soul into that book. We thought, if we were starting again, what would we want to know? What could just take us there to becoming financially free?

– Try and skip over some of the errors we made. And so it’s all distilled down to this book, basically.

– So if we’d have had that at the beginning of our journey we would have been financially free like 20 years ago.

– Ages ago, yeah.

– So we put everything we could into that. You can always put more, and more, and more. It’s already a really thick book. So it really is comprehensive. And not only that, it contains exercises, so it’s a workbook, and it’s interactive. So it goes alongside with a web-site, which there are exclusive videos and other things on there.

– And we’re starting to build up the Facebook group as well, which is really interesting. So we can, we’ve been in there interacting.

– So there’s a Facebook group, which is for people that have bought RETIRE NOW! My Castle Property Community. So that’s where you can ask questions. So if you see something in the book and you think, I’m not quite sure about that. You can ask us about it. Or, why did you do that? Why did you sell your home? So again you can ask that question. So that’s good. And we’re in there regularly. And we’ve also found it useful in our mentoring sessions. Because we’ve been mentoring people, and people have been,

– It’s on this page.

– Exactly, so they ask question about some thing, it’s like, I know where that is, that’s this this page right here, check that one out. So kind of done for you. You know, check that out. And I know some of the other mentors have done the same thing that they’ve referred to parts of the book because it’s done for you. It’s already there. It’s just like, yeah, use that, use that list.

– It’s a good reference tool.

– So it’s a great reference tool. Once you’ve read the whole thing through, it’s a great reference tool you can dip into. And I had a great piece of feedback the other day. Someone said that they knew someone who’d read it four times already, and they were going back in, because they knew there was more they could get out. So I thought that was amazing. And we’ve had some really good feedback from people we’ve mentored as well. So that’s really good.

– Cool, speaking of reading books again.

– Yes, yes.

– We have quite an extensive library of property books at home and quite often they’re very full of information. And you can read it through, and you can get some of it, and you can action some of it, fantastic. But we tend to write in and keep our books because you can always learn more. And two books in particular, we’ve actually both been reading this week, I’ve been going back through John Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience, which I read a long time ago, actually, but I’ve read a lot of books since then and we’ve done more evolving, more learning since then. So I’m going back through it again now. I’m getting a lot more out of it the second time. And George is reading.

– And I’m reading this one, Tony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within,

– We’ve both read it.

– It is a massive book. There’s so much information in that book. It’s incredible. It’s really old. It’s like 20 years old. You see the picture of him on the front? He’s like 19.

– But it’s a great book.

– It’s a good book.

– So reading it again.

– Taking more out of it.

– Taking more out of it. Really enjoyable. We read every morning. So our typical morning routine includes meditation and reading every single day, before we before we do anything before the children are up.

– Yeah.

– And that works really well. Helps you to develop yourself.

– So we try and get at least 20 minutes in. And our affirmations, and our Dream Board as well.

– Yes, we do that. Yeah, we do. So what it says in the book. So in the RETIRE NOW! book, it says things like, we have these RETIRE NOW! declarations and we have a Dream Board.

– And we do it every day.

– These are things we actually do ourselves. So the declarations are there for ourself, and we put them in the book, so that you can do them too. And they’re on the wall in our office along with our Dream Board, that’s in there too. So we really do these things every day, and that’s why we recommend other people do it too.

– And it helps us take action. But today we are having a cup of tea.

– We’re chilling out. We’re going to go through Dream Board in a little bit. and just have a bit of R&R before the kids are off for half-term. So we can spend a bit of time together.

– Two weeks.

– Two weeks we’ve got off. So it’s our last day for a bit off freedom.

– Yeah, yeah. So I hope you enjoyed this video. And if you know anyone that this might inspire, please do go ahead and send it to them. If not, if you received this from them, then please go ahead and subscribe.

– Have a nice afternoon.

– See you next week.

– Bye.

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Best wishes, Sarah Choy & George Choy
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George Choy & Sarah Choy | 18 October 2019

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