Warrior Mastermind


Our most exclusive, premium level mentoring for people serious about building a multi-million property empire and achieving financial freedom fast.

This mentoring programme has taken people to financial freedom in 12-18 months. George and Sarah personally help you all the way through, from finding the best residential or commercial properties, to managing your profitable business. And what this really means to you is you will achieve massive results and get to financial freedom faster than most people!

“Warrior Mastermind” is our 12 month mentorship program, in a small private group, to build your property empire and take you to financial freedom as fast as possible. Many of our Warriors are now millionaires. And as the saying goes, if you want to become a millionaire, then hang out with millionaires.

We decided to call this the Warrior Mastermind, because people who join are committed and willing to do the actions it takes to ethically achieve financial freedom as fast as possible, despite the disbelief of family, friends and colleagues. When we became financially free, nobody we knew had achieved it. If we had told anyone our goal, they would never have thought it was possible.

We have over 18 years of property investing experience — and what that means to you is that we can compress decades of real world practical experience into days or even seconds.

We focus on Passive Property investing strategies such as Buy To Let, Rent To Buy, Commercial Property Investments and Lending, to give you the most time freedom — after all, life is for living!

Unlike the larger property training companies (where you can’t guarantee who will be your mentor for each session), you’ll personally be mentored by Sarah and George. This means you will have much greater accountability (and faster progress) — as we provide you with the actions and check you’ve carried them out.


Our typical mentee is an ethical person with over £100,000 cash to use as deposits for property. They usually obtain these funds by remortgaging their home, savings, borrowing from family, or withdrawing 25% of their pension tax-free at age 55).

Some mentees start with zero property knowledge and buy 4 properties in the first year. Other mentees already have over £1 million of property and want help buying their first Commercial property.

We’ve been in your shoes and know how to get you to financial freedom in less time than you think.

We are the only property training company that focus exclusively on passive property investing strategies and systems.

We work as little as we can, which  enables us to manage our entire £2.9 million property portfolio in only 1 hour a month, and spend the rest of our time enjoying ourselves. You can’t achieve that with other property strategies.

We achieved financial freedom and millionaire status by the time Sarah was 39 years old. We’ve now been investing in property for over 18 years and have written multiple books.


Warrior Mastermind:

  • A day of Mentoring over Zoom, on the first Thursday each month. We also host the mentoring in person in Kent a couple of times a year, with the option to have dinner with us afterwards.
  • As you will be in a small private group, you will build strong relationships with each of the mentees, and collaboration and joint ventures will happen naturally. We give you the confidence to invest.
  • Plus a 1 hour group lunchtime clinic on all the Thursday’s inbetween.
  • Key support through critical parts of the buying process, beyond what is usually expected from a mentoring programme.
  • Access to our Warrior WhatsApp group for quick questions.

Stealth Millionaire Programme

5 days of online training, teaching you how to become financially free and build a hands-free property portfolio. At it’s core are the Financial Freedom Masterclass and Passive Property Masterclass, which teach our 7 pillars:

1. Financial Freedom targets and tracking
2. Millionaire Mindset
3. Expenses and Money Management
4. Saving and Raising Money
5. Passive Property Investing Strategies
– Buy To Let
– Renting to tenants on housing allowance
– Rent To Buy
– Commercial Property Investments
– Lending to Commercial Conversions
6. Passive Systems
7. Companies and Tax


Total Value: £15,884

Special Offer: £8,219 for our 12 month Warrior Mastermind, including our Stealth Millionaire training programme (SMP).

If you have already purchased our SMP then the Warrior price will be reduced to £5,997.


We can only take on a handful of mentees in this exclusive and private group, so it is important we are the right fit and this is the right timing for you.

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