Warrior Mastermind



The aim of our Warrior Mastermind programme is to take you to a whole new level in your Life.

We are unique in the property world, as we focus on both Financial Freedom and Property Investing 🚀

You are a Warrior — doing things others won’t do. Achieving the freedom they will never achieve. Life will never be the same again.

Our ultimate aim is to help everyone on our Warrior Mastermind to achieve Financial Freedom like us.


  • We will hold you accountable and check your progress towards Financial Freedom every month.
  • We’ve been down that path — we know the potholes to avoid and how to take the express train to get there faster.

CONFIDENCE: Worried about making a property mistake?

  • We have 16 years property experience.
  • If you are feeling unsure about a property you’ve found — don’t worry, you can bring potential deals to your session and we can check your deal analysis.
  • You could also show us a video walkthrough of the properties, so we can highlight any potential issues.
  • We give you the confidence to take action.


  • We meet as a group Mastermind.
  • Listening to other member’s challenges and successes increases the entire groups learning exponentially.

Our group will be a safe place meeting with like-minded people. Giving you the support and reassurance, you need ❤️

We understand each other. We come from the same place.


  • In a short time, you will get to know, like and trust other members of our Mastermind.
  • As this happens, joint venture property deals will naturally start to happen between members, and this will be actively encouraged.

ACCESS OUR POWER TEAM: You will benefit from our property network and power team.

Philosophy — we also like to think of our Mastermind as our Tribe and welcome your input on making it even better.

As the success of the whole group increases and most of you achieve Financial Freedom, the focus of our meetings will evolve to meet your new needs.

We would like this to be an Exclusive group for life, providing significantly more value than it costs you.



All meetings will be during the normal Monday to Friday working day and held virtually over Zoom.

At some point in the future we may arrange some additional event meet-ups in person…when all the craziness of meeting people in person has been completely resolved. We’d love to do that.

We meet as a group of up to 10 people for one day on the 1st Thursday of each month.

In-between we will have weekly group mini-mastermind Zoom calls at 1pm on Thursday. Each member will have 10 minutes to get help on the key challenges for that week and listen and contribute to the other members.



We need to all start with the same base. It is a waste of your mentoring sessions and money if we spend your slot teaching you our courses.

We focus on Passive investing strategies. Strategies we currently like are Buy-To-Let, Rent-To-Buy, Local Housing Authority, Commercial Property Investing and Lending Money.

Your partner or spouse can participate with you at no extra cost, making it incredible value for money — and making sure you are both on the “same page”. You must be in front of the same computer when you join our virtual calls. This is for one household, not friends.

Your investment to participate in our 12-month Warrior Mastermind is either:

£5,999 + VAT = £7,198.80 to include:
✅  Warrior Mastermind

✅  Financial Freedom Masterclass (FFM)

✅  Passive Property Masterclass (PPM)


£4,999 + VAT = £5,998.80 to include only the Warrior Mastermind
(if you have already paid for the FFM and PPM courses).

Assuming you have set up a property company (which we can help you to do), then you could charge the cost of the Mastermind against your company’s expenses, so you pay less tax. We can help you to do this.

We donate a share of our profits to charity — For every sign up to our Mastermind programme we donate 200 meals for UK children and families who can’t afford food on your behalf.



The group mentoring sessions are capped at 10 people.

Contributing brings us joy and fulfilment, but we aim to balance it with the precious time we spend with our families and enjoying life. Time is our most precious asset, so we don’t plan to spend the whole month working.

You will usually be mentored by both George and Sarah Choy. Two brains for the price of one 😀



Okay, what happens next?

Unlike other training companies, we will not take you on if we don’t feel that we are right for you.

We are ethical people, and doing something like that is against our values.

APPLY NOWfill out your details below and we’ll send you an application form.

Why do we ask you to apply? That is the first test – if you can’t be bothered to fill out an application form, then you won’t be committed enough to participate fully in mentoring sessions and change your life. As we are choosing to mentor people, we only want to work with the most committed people.

We may then arrange a chat over zoom to get to know you.

What if you can’t start just yet?

That’s okay. You can still apply now and state when you can start.

We’re really looking forward to spending time with you and supporting you on your journey to Financial Freedom.

It’s time for you to step up and become a Warrior. Apply now.

Thanks, George & Sarah

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