Case Study

Vestry Offices, Rotherham

Commercial Conversion


Conversion of municipal building into 9 apartments

Project Info

Vestry Offices was built in 1894. It was formerly a municipal building which had been vacant for many years.

The property was later purchased with full planning permission for 7 one-bedroom apartments.

After inspecting the loft and basement, we realised that another two flats could be added, bringing the total to 9 apartments.

Full planning permission was granted for the new design. This brings some much needed affordable housing to the town of Rotherham.

The building has large windows and some of the apartments will have high vaulted ceilings, bringing in lots of natural light.

One peculiar aspect was the two-room cellar in the basement. It didn’t have windows, so it couldn’t be used as a bedroom. The solution was to have a large studio apartment on the ground floor, with stairs down to a kitchen and bathroom in the basement.

Project Type: Commercial to Residential Conversion

3,600 sq ft.

Purchase: £135,000

Development: £229,830

Other costs: £56,255

TOTAL COSTS: £421,085

Anticipated GDV: £575,000

Anticipated Profit: £153,915

Start date: Aug 2019

Est. Completion: April 2020

Est. Build Time: 8 months

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Moorgate Street #1
6 December 2019

Commercial Conversion - Vestry Offices - Rotherham - Visit 1
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Moorgate Street #2
14 February 2020

Commercial Conversion - Vestry Offices Rotherham - Part 2