Passive Income Ideas 2020

Our top 5 Passive Income ideas to earn money in 2020, so you don’t need to rely on the income from your job anymore.

It’s been an interesting week, with the announcement that the Chancellor extending the UK furlough wages until the end of October, and people at last being able to move house and view properties.

Coming Soon…
📚 We interviewed Millionaires and wrote the learnings in our new book.

The book is at the printer, and we’re getting super-excited waiting for the mock-up to arrive. The title is a little bit hush, hush at the moment — but we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available 😉

What I’m Doing…
I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really frustrated by this lockdown!

Exercise is one way I can relax my mind (George). When I’m exercising and counting reps or seconds in my head, I just can’t think of anything else. It really quietens my mind. It’s a form of meditation for me.

We both do strength-based workouts three times a week.

However, over the last two weeks I’ve been spending an extra 20 minutes every afternoon doing light stretches and mobility exercises. Nothing tiring. It’s really helping me cope at the moment.

Give it a try. What you think? Comment below.

Live your Dreams,
George Choy & Sarah Choy (Financially Free at 39)
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By George Choy & Sarah Choy | 15 May 2020

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