George Choy

George Choy

George Choy was previously in the corporate rat race in a stressful job, working long hours, up to 6 days a week. He had no life — he mostly fell asleep at the weekends and spent very little time with his wife and two toddlers. His high-pressure job pushed him to breaking point, leaving him feeling miserable and depressed every day.

Eventually his wife Sarah convinced him to quit his job, with nothing to go to. They didn’t know how they would survive. And so began a two-year quest to discover how to become financially free. The journey was painful and expensive.

They finally achieved financial freedom when Sarah was only 39 years old. They never needed to work again.

George and Sarah want to inspire people to become financially free, and show them the easy route to making it a reality.


“How to completely replace the income from your job in 1 hour a month”

We’ll show you how Property Investing enabled us to replace our income and quit our jobs when Sarah was only 39 years old. We only need to work 1 hour a month on our property portfolio.

You can copy our steps and achieve freedom sooner than you think. We’ll share 3 secrets with you.

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    George Choy
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