Our Property investing Goals 2022

We decided to share our property investing goals for 2022, including residential and commercial investment properties, our new home and more personal goals…

Our Property investing Goals 2022
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Episode 147

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Best wishes, Sarah Choy & George Choy
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So today we’re going to talk about our property investing goals for 2022. Yes. So welcome to the Sarah and George Choy Property Podcast, the show where we teach you to build passive income through property — so you can become financially free, spend time with your family, travelling and pursuing your passions. So if you want to achieve financial freedom, then click like and subscribe. And you can see more videos from us every week.

So let’s start with our first goal. So currently, we have £2.5 million worth of residential and commercial property. Yep. And, you know, our aim is to get to £3 million by the end of the financial year, so there’s not actually going, that’s not for a whole year. It’s just a cute couple of a couple more months, as we’re currently buying warehouse, and that’ll take us to £3 million once we’ve done that. Hopefully, we’ll complete on that in a month. That’d be nice. Yeah,

Fingers crossed.

And then and then after, we are in the process of selling two of our properties. These are ones that we bought, a long time ago, and they don’t quite fit our strategy anymore. Yeah. So we’re offloading those, and then we’re going to rebalance our portfolio by putting it into commercial properties. So that’s what we do make a switch from one to the other.

So other kind of property related goals. We’re in our new home, you’ll notice we have a different background now. So that was a couple of weeks ago, yay, moved in, fantastic. Now, one of our main goals this year is actually to renovate it, because it’s about 18 years old, and the vendor who bought it from new hasn’t really changed much at all since he moved in. So everything kind of works. But it’s all very dated, and it’s very tired.

So the plan over the next year is to basically work our way around the house, change the doors, change the floors, redecorate everything, and the boiler needs to be changed as well, because again, that’s original, it’s still going amazingly. Kitchen. And also we want to do some work on the garden as well to make it really nice.

So that, you know, we’re working on this year. So we have just been fixing stuff so far. That’s kind of what we’re doing, just to make it habitable, you know, a few bits and pieces. But by the end of 2022, it should be kind of pristine, and beautiful and lovely. Yes. So that’s kind of in the works at the moment, we’re deciding exactly what we’re going to do, what we’re not going to do and sort of working out. So costing budgets and stuff, like so that’s really exciting for us. So that’s check back, we’ll show you at the end of the year, what it looks like hopefully.

Another one. So moving on to kind of less property goals, but we thought we’d put some normal goals in here as well because obviously we have property goals and we have other goals as well. Our health. We’ve de prioritised it a bit lately because we’ve we’ve been working really hard on this house move. And we’ve had some injuries as well, haven’t we? So I mean, bizarrely is it I don’t injure myself very often I mostly do yoga.

So you know, it’s hard to injure yourself doing yoga, but during the house move when we were taking everything out in the loft to get it down for the removers because we pay for removers, we’d never move without removers now they’re fantastic. They’re so strong these guys, six foot seven, I think one of them obviously was huge. But they don’t take take stuff up a lot do you have to get your own stuff out the loft, presumably for health and safety reasons, for good reason, because doing it, I’ve actually pulled my glute. Ouch! It didn’t really hurt at the time, but it’s been two weeks now and I’m still limping, which is not great. So that of course it’s kind of derailed my exercise basically because I can barely walk around.

So my goal with health is to get back on track with exercising three times a week, and obviously to fix my glutes. So if anyone has any suggestions about glute muscle apart from resting, I’m trying to do resting but I want my kids to school so it’s it’s, you know, tricky to rest with that one. So that’s my goal for health.

Yes, I have a similar one. I’ve injured myself a couple of times. This year once once I went to the osteopath. I had some problems and kept getting a recurring muscle strain. Just below my shoulder blade. And I don’t know if you’ve seen some of my exercise posts before but you know, I do callisthenics which is kind of like gymnastics based strength training, you know, puts the whole body under a huge amount of stress. Yeah, and any slight imbalance, you know, can lead to an injury. So I got that fixed and then I’ve just strained my calf muscle a couple of weeks ago.

Which was helpful just before the move. Yes.

So I’ve just been limping around. I was walking like a gorilla going down the stairs. Funny. My kids laughed.

Yeah, you’re not doing that anymore, at least. But yeah, we just got to be a lot more conscious this year of injuring ourselves, because it derails your exercise for weeks and weeks at a time and that obviously it’s not great.

So my aim for this year is to get back to working out three times a week. That’s what I used to do. u

So you guys can hold us accountable to that. Yeah.

And I’m going to not max out as much because I I used to really go for it, but I’m gonna, you know, pull back a little bit. I’m getting on. Yeah, not the youngster used to be so yeah, just take take it back a little bit. And then hopefully I can keep that consistent because all of our consistency. Yeah. If you want progress, make consistent progress. It’s the same with property investing. Yeah, keep going. Do an action every day to further your wealth.

Okay. Again, with the moves, we’ve been very busy, and also one of our children has been having quite a tough time. So we’ve kind of de-prioritised our date nights, haven’t we? So that’s something that we tend to put on as a goal every year. At least once a week we have a date night out. That kind of hasn’t happened for a few months, because we’ve been dealing with this issue. But that is in our goal next year to kind of re establish that habit, basically, and get that getting back out once a week Exactly. Go out. prioritise the relationship.

Yeah, exactly. And then I’ll have a car dilemma.

Yeah, this is an ongoing one, if you’ve watched us for a while, you’ll know all about this one. Yep.

So we used to have a Land Rover Discovery, a brand new one. Then we sold it and got a cheaper car because we weren’t really driving that much.

It’s a nice car. But it’s not George’s ideal car.

And, you know, I’d like like to give back to the Land Rover Discovery to be about £75,000 to buy another car. However, I’ve got the dilemma at the moment, because, you know, in 2020, when we had lockdown — the car was a statue on our drive. So you know, I’m interested in getting another car, so we can drive and go places before these places are shut. Do I want to have a £75,000 statue sitting on my drive? Not really. Yeah, so I’m in a dilemma. What do you think? Just drop drop us a note in the comments. Let us know your thoughts.

We’re not planning on buying it though, are we. We’re probably going to lease it. That’s the thing. I’m sure. I’m just preempting some comments. No, we’re not going to buy cash.

No, because the cash could buy another house. Exactly. So it could pay for the car, or at least part of the car, exactly.

If we do it, we’ll be leasing it. But that’s kind of an ongoing thing for us. George wants a car. I’m quite happy with what we have. Yeah.

Let us know what you think. What would you do? What would you do in the current situation? Who’s side are you on? Are you on my side? Are you on her side? What do you think with the lockdown?

Is it worth having a really nice car? Okay, let us know. Thanks for watching. Please like and subscribe. Pass this on to your friends. Hopefully it’s been a bit more fun and have a great week. See you later. See ya. Bye

Our Property investing Goals 2022
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Our Property investing Goals 2022
We decided to share our property investing goals for 2022, including residential and commercial investment properties, our new home and some…
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