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Property Guest Speaker

George Choy

George Choy is a property investor and co-author of RETIRE NOW! Your Blueprint to Financial Freedom Through Property. George and his wife were able to retire when Sarah was only 39 years old—something most people don’t realise is even possible.

They started their property journey with a gift of £5,000 from Sarah’s mother. “We’d been together for six years, but I hadn’t yet set a date to get married,” said George. “It was a big hint for me to pull my finger out and propose!”

They had no idea that first property would be the start of their £1.8 million property portfolio. They now own buy-to-lets, serviced accommodation and commercial property. They also joint ventured on a commercial conversion to 11 apartments, which has been valued at £2.7 million.

George and Sarah now lead a life of leisure with their two children in Kent.

George is an ideal guest speaker for a property or wealth related event. He can also be booked to autograph copies of RETIRE NOW!

Cost: £149 + VAT

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