RETIRE NOW! Your Blueprint to Financial Freedom Through Property

—by George Choy & Sarah Choy

RETIRE NOW! shows you how George and Sarah started a £1.8 million property portfolio without any money — and were able to retire when Sarah was only 39 years old.

As seen in Your Property Network (YPN) Magazine.

RETIRE NOW! will help people at all levels of property experience, from complete beginners to those with 10 or more properties.

This could book could get you out of your job within a year or less, so you can choose how you spend your days.

269 pages of detailed, practical advice with none of the fluff — this new book will teach you how to:

✅  Manage your money and how to save money fast

✅  Plan for retirement in your twenties, rather than waiting until you’re 65

✅  Use your pension to invest in property

✅  Utilise other peoples money to buy houses

✅  Find hidden money and cash you could claim right now

✅  Earn Tax free income

✅  Make more profit from property investing — the pension that pays out now, not when you’re old.

✅  Which company structures to choose for each property strategy

✅  How to invest in property, even if you have no money

✅  Take free holidays

✅  Make money from your home

✅  Improve your credit score to gain access to bank finance

✅  Save over 1% on your cost of living

✅  Improve your time management — start now to increase your productivity

✅  Change your mindset and give you the confidence to invest

✅  Planning your retirement dream life

This book from award-winning property investors George and Sarah, contains all the information they wished they had known before they started buying property.

Their approach is practical and much easier to understand than most property books. It covers strategies for building wealth, using your pension, mindset, company structures, reducing tax, planning retirement.

Also how get the best returns from property strategies such as Buy to Let, Serviced Accommodation, Rent to Rent and Commercial Property investing.

This well written and easy-to-read book describes the step-by-step process that George and Sarah have implemented to become financially free.

This is a very useful read for those wanting a no-nonsense approach to achieving financial freedom (warts and all).

It’s well written and the authors have achieved a good balance of general information together with detailed information on specific strategies that have worked for them.

The continued use of exercises and examples will help make this an engaging book for readers.

RAJ BERI, Your Property Network (YPN)

“George and Sarah are two of the most inspirational people.

Whenever I look at what people are commenting about them online, there’s a stream of people thanking them for sharing their journey and telling them what an inspiration they are to other property investors.

This book has the power to transform lives.”

PAUL SMITH, Touchstone Education

“If you are serious about creating wealth, this book will give you a very solid foundation”

KEVIN WHELAN, Founder of WealthBuilders