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Property Training – UK Courses

“The more you learn, the more you earn”
WARREN BUFFETT — Billionaire


Melanie gained £14,600 in a few hours of the course, with zero risk. Can you afford not to come?

Do you hate your job?

Want to spend more time with your family or travelling the world?

Join George and Sarah Choy at our 2 Day RETIRE NOW! Workshop – Designed to help you take action and increase the amount of money you have each month before the end of the 2 days are over.

Some people could retire within a matter of months! They just don't realise it.

What will you learn over the 2 days?

  • What the workshop covers...
    This is a practical 2 day workshop. You will be taking lots of action.

  • Your personal finances will be put through a grinder, so that you have more money left over at the end of each month!

  • You will learn how to turn your poor mindset into a Wealthy one

  • You'll discover whether there is hidden money available to you

  • Learn how to use your pension to buy property
  • Identify which company structures to choose for your chosen strategies
  • You'll leave with a business plan for property investing, and a retirement plan showing you when you can quit your job (if you want to)

  • Learn simple hacks from a Personal Trainer on how to improve your health and fitness

  • You'll learn how I changed my poor mindset into a wealthy one — so you can do it too

  • Learn how to expense the cost of this course

Lunch, refreshments and a networking drinks evening are provided free of charge.


Next workshop date to be confirmed


List price is £4,995. Buy today for only £995 + VAT. Book now to save £3,000 - the price is going back up shortly.

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Next workshop date to be confirmed.

2 Day Introduction to Property Investing

Six Figure Summit will teach you the property strategies that are actually working now — which could eventually help you to earn a six figure salary. These 2 days are great for people just starting out in property, or who have properties but are not sure which strategies they should be doing now. It's also fun!

This training is run by Touchstone Education for only £99. Lunch and refreshments are provided free of charge.

Property Fast Track

Property Fast Track will teach you how to Buy, Refurbish and Refinance residential buy-to-lets — so you can get going with limited funds, knowledge and experience. You'll learn how to find below market value properties, refurbish and get them revalued at higher prices — to pull most of your money out.

Commercial Property Training

Commercial property can provide a HUGE return on your investment, with passive income and long tenancies of up to 15 years. Just buy and forget.

The Commercial Portfolio Building course will enable you pick up distressed commercial assets at 10 – 20% of build cost. We then teach you to line up a future profitable exit, by providing homes for high street brands.

“R2R Accelerator Programme” + “Serviced Accommodation Masterclass” bundle

Rent 2 Rent — Earn thousands of £££s per month from property you don't own!

The Rent 2 Rent Accelerator Programme will help you find and structure rent to rent deals,

so landlords actually call YOU! This course is great if you don't have the funds to buy property.

Consider the R2R + SA Masterclass bundle above if you have no knowledge of setting up HMO or SA units.

Serviced Accommodation Masterclass

The 2 day Service Accommodation Masterclass is designed to give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to succeed in serviced accommodation. You’ll learn the step-by-step ‘Diamond’ system to discover viable SA opportunities, and maximise yield.

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