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We help you to become financially free through property, so you can spend time with your family, travelling and pursuing your passions.

Sarah & George Choy have been property investors for over 18 years, with a £2.9 million property empire and became financially free when Sarah was only 39. We live our dream life every day and help others to do the same.

George Choy & Sarah Choy

Sarah and George Choy


Learn from people who have actually become financially free

  • We replaced the income from our jobs when Sarah was only 39 years old — we don’t need to work anymore and can teach you how to do this too
  • We Mentor people to become financially free Millionaires — we’ve done it ourselves
  • We own £2.9 million of residential and commercial property — and because of our unique PASSIVE systems, we can manage this in only 1 hour a month
  • Authors of two bestselling books — Stealth Millionaire and Retire Now
  • We live our dream life every day
  • And all this with two young kids!


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