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We help you to become financially free by showing you how to invest in property with the least amount of work, and tell you how to do it in the fastest way.

Imagine a life where you don’t need to work anymore. What can you see yourself doing with your time? Will you spend all day talking with your loved ones? Can you picture yourself spending gilt-free hours on the things you are most passionate about? Will you travel to see the world for months at a time? Will you look up worthy causes to volunteer for? Does a life like that sound good to you?

George Choy & Sarah Choy


Learn from people who have actually become financially free

  • We replaced the income from our jobs when Sarah was only 39 years old — we don’t need to work anymore and can teach you how to do this too
  • We Mentor people to become financially free Millionaires — we’ve done it ourselves
  • We own £2.9 million of residential and commercial property — and because of our unique PASSIVE systems, we can manage this in only 1 hour a month
  • Written 3 books: Stealth Millionaire, Retire Now, and Find Your Purpose
  • We live our dream life every day
  • And all this with two young kids!


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